Proozy Case Study

Proozy today is known for its deep discounts on branded sportswear and sports equipment. Proozy offers its customers some of the lowest prices available online by sourcing its products from overstocks and post-season merchandise.
increase in average revenue per recipient
> 6k
new sms subscribers
revenue per recipient for targeted text messages


  • Create overview of available customer data
  • Segmentation and categorization of data
  • Consider launch of new categories and make customers aware
  • Increase the ROI of the current SMS marketing


  • Data segmentation and analysis of current customer data
  • Ensure that customers receive only content that is relevant to them
  • Creation of specific content for individual divisions
  • Implementation & optimization of data-based SMS flows
Making sure our customers see the products they actually want was a game changer. We finally realized what was possible with SMS and can't imagine doing without this marketing channel.

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Free 15-minute consultation

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