Dagne Dover Case Study

Dagne Dover is a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand that produces a wide variety of resilient bags for work and leisure. Founded by three women in 2013, the brand creates „bags for all everyday situations and people outside. Bags that help you organize and look good doing it.“
increase ROI through sms marketing in the first year
> 25%
more email subscribers
more revenue through email marketing


  • Maximize success/visibility via new marketing channels
  • Segmentation and categorization of data
  • Extending the existing email marketing strategy with SMS marketing
  • Increase ROI through a new marketing channel


  • Data segmentation and analysis of current customer data
  • Creation of an SMS marketing strategy which forms synergies with the existing e-mail marketing strategy
  • Creation of specific and personal content
  • Implementation & optimization of data-based SMS flows
SMS is another way to reach our loyal customers through a channel that is very close and personal to them. Apart from face-to-face conversations, there is no other alternative of personal communication than with your phone.

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Free 15-minute consultation

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  • Stores that still do no email and SMS marketing
  • Stores with big ambitions, goal: maximum turnover.
  • Stores that want to maximize their customer lifetime value.
  • Stores that want to improve their marketing ROI.
  • Stores that lose sales in the shopping cart & checkout.