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Our E-Mail & SMS marketing solutions exclusively for
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Use your customer data

The strengths of Email & SMS marketing lie in the direct connection to your customers.

By targeting the individual interests of your customers, a strong and personal relationship is built with you. Create a communication flow that attracts new audiences and engages existing ones with relevant content.


Personalized & relevant content

Not every customer is the same - so why should your messages be?

Our experts identify behavioral patterns within your customers, strategically segment this data and develop targeted email & SMS content that speaks directly to your target audience. With optimized customer list management and effective email & SMS marketing strategies, we'll send your content to your current and potential customers in a targeted way. Leave it to us to continuously create relevant content that resonates positively with customers, increases leads and conversion.


Analysis & Optimization

It's not enough to just reach your customers' inboxes.

You need to know why your customers click and what they click. The real challenge is analyzing and optimizing email performance. Our email marketing agency helps you improve every aspect of your email marketing channel and achieve the highest delivery, open, click and ultimately conversion rates. We achieve this through efficient and rapid experimentation and A/B testing.


Events & Campaigns

X-Mas, Black Friday & Co.
Holidays are not only celebrated offline.

Take advantage of the hype of trends and the joy of shopping on holidays to increase your sales. We also support you on special promotions with innovative content. Gain extra attention from your customers through our experience with targeted and trend-conscious content that convinces everyone. Mega events like Black Friday, Prime Day or Christmas we plan extra early to bring you maximum sales.


We are Klaviyo Partner Agency

As a premium partner, we can provide you with the best advice and always deliver the most efficient and up-to-date email & SMS marketing strategies

With us, you get your own personal team who will learn your business structure, allowing them to create highly converting and personalized content. Your account manager is always on hand to answer any questions and keep you informed of the results.

Our clients are part of a unique community
  • Google for Startups
  • Factory Berlin
  • Milveo Capital
  • Copenhagen Business School
  • Astrolabs

Case studies

E-Mail & SMS Marketing not only increases sales,
but also binds customers to your brand

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Vocalfy makes over 30% of total revenue from email marketing

Through an effective email marketing strategy tailored to the client, we were able to greatly increase Vocalfy's revenue and increase both email subscribers and win-back rates.
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Over 100,000 new SMS subscribers and over 50% of total revenue from email marketing

As getting third-party data became more difficult and acquisition costs skyrocketed, the brand needed to maximize its success through additional marketing channels to convert (and retain) hard-won customers.
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Proozy achieved up to 0.7ct revenue per SMS recipient through targeted text messaging

Proozy always sent the same SMS content to all subscribers, resulting in higher costs with less revenue. By segmenting customers into the different sales categories, customers could be contacted in a more targeted and profitable way.
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Strong increase in repurchase and conversion rate

By using an intelligently placed quiz instead of a popup, registrations were increased by a factor of 3. EMail marketing also increased repurchase and conversion rates. These developments led to more sales and higher customer retention.

Partnerships and expertise

Our world-class partnerships and years of experience in eCommerce and performance marketing will take your revenue growth to the next level.

  • Shopify Partners
  • Meta Business Partner
  • Google Partner
  • TikTok Marketing Partner
  • Pinterest Marketing Partner
  • AWS


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